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New lifted 4-Seaters...

*Lifted 4 Seat Gas or Electric Golf cart rentals

*$295.00 plus tax        ( 7day Rental price )

*All deluxe 4-seaters are built new at the beginning of each summer, you pick the exact lifted golf cart your family will be using on vacation........Splurge on your vacation and rent a golf cart nobody else will have!!!!!

-Electric Baby blue club car

-Electric Black Club Car
-3-inch lift kit Electric blue club car
- Electric Custom Body Club car

Serving the Beach since 2006

     "The Original Golf Cart Rental Store"

Prettiest Golf Carts on the Beach              Street Legal

The Surfside Golf Cart Rental Team:


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* Brand New !!! Club Car lifted Gas 4-seat Golf Carts Built for the- 2014 SUMMER SEASON


To:  999 Hwy 17 South 

Surfside Beach, SC 29575

• Across the street from Water park in surfside

( 3 blocks north of old location, on same side of Hwy 17 )

-3-5-7 Day Rentals

-We furnish a Battery Charger & 20' Drop Cord

-On Call for service 24/7

-Choose From: 50 regular 4-seaters,    10 Limo 6-8 seaters

-As low as $200 per week (through: 8/10 to 10/06, then even lower after 10/06 !!!!!!)

Must 16 years old or older with a Valid Drivers License

Cash Preferred - Accept VISA or MASTERCARD

Reservations Highly Recommended


Ruff n Tuff Rentals:  $295.00 a week

- LSV golf carts

-Seat belts


-Around 20-25 mph!!!!


Lifted Gas 4-seater golf carts:  $295.00 a week

-2 to choose from

-Lift kits with big tires and rims

-very clean and fast!!!

-We have several lifted carts in Electric